Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
Moral or values education(1 usVgd2009 FE)
মার্চ 17, 2010

WE have come to know that our new education commission is going to submit its report to the government. We are not aware about the recommendations and also whether it will give preference to the ethical lessons or not. As a student of Dhaka University, I personally feel that ethical lessons should be urgently included at every stage of our education, that is at the primary, secondary and higher education levels.

We see in the university, a student is gradually losing himself or herself day-by-day. It seems that when a student comes to an educational institution, for the first time he or she is quite well behaved and loyal to himself or herself. After passing about six months he or she is no more like before. He or she, particularly a male student, becomes dangerous and careless about almost everybody -- rickshawalas, local bus conductors and canteen boys. They are nothing to him.

He is all in all. When he reaches this stage of his life, everything is easy for him. He can start taking drugs and can involve himself in many immoral activities because there is nobody to fear.

So I suggest that lessons on values of education are included at all educational stages. The marks may be 100 or 50.


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