Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
Law on non-government institutions (27 may,Financial express)
মার্চ 17, 2010

The law on non-government institutions of 2009 is going to be implemented. In the meantime, teachers opposed some of its rules. They demanded exclusion of parliament members from the governing body to keep it free from politics.

Given the past experience of pervasive corruption, disorder and partisan bias, they wanted this law to be reformed.

The last caretaker government proclaimed a law in this regard, where a parliament member was excluded from being a member of the governing body of a school. This government revoked that. On April 30, a committee of the education ministry took a decision for the new law of institutions. In this law, it is said that the duration of this committee would be two years, the total membership would be 12 and the chairman/president will be the local parliament member (MP).

But to keep the institution free from politics, there is no alternative to excluding the MP from this committee.

We know from previous experience that whenever a school recruits a teacher, the MP decides that. The teacher may either be a relation of the MP, or that he/she might have given the MP a lot of money or that he/she is a party supporter. One cannot expect that a qualified teacher can be recruited in this process.

Moreover, in this law it is said that an MP can be chairman of four institutions.

The MP is not a free man. He has a lot of tasks to do beyond his own call of duty. It is not possible on his/her part to govern the institutions. We think authority should think more on the issue.


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