Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
Hike in the prices of essentials(30 july 2009FE)
মার্চ 17, 2010

I am a resident of one of the halls of the Dhaka University (DU) and usually take my meal in the hall mess. The mess has a roster book for writing comments of the students about the mess for its development. The other day I saw a comment written, "Please increase the amount of green chilly." On this comment another member recommended "Oi mia, dekhen na bazarer obostha?" (Can't you see the condition of price in the market?)

Everything has its limitation. When it goes beyond that its impact becomes serious. What has happened to the green chilly? An English daily in its weekend magazine, has shown the price of per chilly is Tk 1.50. Now in the market it is Tk 200 per kg that was Tk 48 in June.

Not only the price chilly but also that of every essential item increased in the market. According to the CAB (Consumer Association of Bangladesh) the price of fish has increased by 5.51 per cent, meat (beef, chicken etc.) by 4.38 per cent, eggs by 8.23 per cent, spices (masallas) by 6.22 per cent, vegetables by 7.89 per cent, sugar by 21.42 per cent and fruits by 7.94 per cent. Before the holy Ramadan, this kind of price hike is really a bad news.

Our Commerce Minister has handled everything concerned with his ministry except this. In the last month, the price of vegetables has risen by 25 to 30 per cent, onions by 10 to 15 per cent and eggs by 15 per cent. Compared to the cases with the essentials like flour and pulses, the rise in the price of green vegetables has been tremendous.

The Prime Minister herself has expressed deep concern over this issue.

Though and Commerce Minister has lately informed us of activating the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) from August 10 to control the price especially during the month of the holy Ramadan. Our common experience is that whenever the Ramadan comes, the prices of essential increases and all attempts to control the same go in vain.

The specialists have told us that it is very important to increase supply and stop storing the goods. It needs monitoring and supervision. And it also needs to stop toll collection. During the reign of the caretaker government toll collection for the goods was stopped.

This efforts should be reactivated during the period of political government.

We hope that the government will succeed in bringing down the prices of the essential goods so that people can buy their essentials within the range their income.


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