Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
Whither the education policy?
নভেম্বর 29, 2010

National Education Policy 2010 was approved at the cabinet meeting on 31 May. Six months passed by, we are yet to see any implementation. We have a bitter experience about past educational policies. From Qudrat-e-Khuda Education Commission-1972 to Moniruzzaman Mia Commission-2003, there have been a total of eight education commissions coming in an average of every four to five years. Unfortunately, none of these could bring into effect an effective education policy.

Since the first one was formed in 1972 and headed by scientist Dr Qudrat-e-Khuda, all commissions shared a common, lofty aim to bring about qualitative improvement in the education system. Every time there was a new government in power, it entrusted itself with forming a new committee to review education system anew. The irony is that none of the governments could give a successful output. What, however, came clean out of all the hustle and bustle are the political and ideological differences among the policymakers.

The present government had formed a committee headed by Professor Kabir Chowdhury and it submitted the draft report on September 2 of last year. The draft was uploaded on the website of education ministry and it was open for public opinion.

The government earlier promised that they would start its implementation process from January 2010. But the reality is, though the draft has been okayed within six months, no visible attempts have yet been taken in that direction. I don’t understand why it’s taking so long and what’s holding back the authorities from moving the process. The education minister said that the policy was going to be passed in the sixth session of parliament. The session has ended on the first week of October and the policy was not given the final ‘go’.

We understand the whole process of framing a national education policy may take some time. But when it gets delayed or hung up without a particular reason, it is a matter of concern. The policy is only for the educational system of the nation, not for defining our nationhood or something big like that where a lengthy period of preparation could be understandable.

Besides, some issues of major importance were removed from the finalized draft. What prompted the policymakers to do that remains a question.

We know that education policy is a serious matter, and we expect the government to take it seriously. Unreasonable delay is not acceptable. Strong will of the government is needed to get the things out of the current impasse.

( writing published DAILY SUN 29-11-10)


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