Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
Thinking Education (Primary Education- 3,4)
নভেম্বর 11, 2010

Admission system in Primary

If we tell the admission system of primary level is a tools of oppression, none will defy it. Why we are telling admission in primary or why we have to face a test to admit in primary level? The answer is very easy, here some institutions got fame and the guardians are interested to admit there. Before coming to the point I want to refer an ADDA talking, talked by three of my friends From Buet, fine Arts of DU and me. Buetians told we have an uncle, who has two daughter, he admitted his daughters to Viqarunnisa Noon in class one, Who were studying in class five in another school. We astonished to hear him. The another told we have a cousin of our uncle, she reads in class ten, the in such type of mentality, if it possible he is agree to admit his daughter at Viqarunnisa School in class eight.

From there speech we got an overview of our society. The guardians how much interested to admit in a school, which has got famed to its name, Viqarunnisa is the burning example this school. Not only This school, there are some schools which are very few in number, it may two to three hundreds at highest in the whole country, Where the number of competent is very high to its seat. Suppose in a school has 250 seats here minimum 5000 student apply, means 20 students compete for one seat. To choose the eligible student school arranges admission system. To appear in the exam guardians admit their children in coaching center, student doing their class in coaching instead of regular lass. They loss valuable time of student life. Student also reading in class two or three in another school compete with them.

Here we think children not student; Children appear in tough exam, yet his student life start. Besides coaching or losing the valuable time, many guardians take in corruption, It also published at the daily, last year, that The school committee has taken tk four lakh for admission in class one as bribe. Rather this, political and administrative (Government) press over the admission committee also. Its means at present the admission in a good school is a matter of oppression and also money, simultaneously. The poor are deprived, very much deprived from here, which have no ability to admit their children in a coaching or giving bribe to the school committee.

This year Viqarunnnisa Noon School has decided to admit the children by lottery instead of test. Many have welcomed these steps. They think by the lottery they will select their children. We think Its not bad. By this system the poor also can admit their children. If they choose only age 5 and six for class one, it will decrease the discrimination of age. But the prime challenge of this system is corruption. By this system we think corruption is very easy. By ensuring free, fear and credible lottery it can implement at present in Bangladesh.

We tell lottery system is not best solution, The solution is `School zoning’, which are available in the developed country. Means the school will be only for certain area, the children of this area be able to admit here. Thus way its possible to standardize the whole school of the country, At present is all the school start lottery system it will better, but lottery systems can run without corruption.

Problems of Primary Education:

Primary Education now a days passing with problems, Problem in Everywhere , its infrastructures problem is most, Another problems are in a short Teacher problem, curriculum problem, teaching aids problem, building problem etc.

When primary education is the base of education and as a state Bangladesh, Government took the responsibility of this education, and this stage has been compulsory and free from 1990, but this stage was neglected from first. It can easily show, in the past two part we saw the primary education did not get proper nursing from the administrative body. we see the present condition of its infrastructure, According to a recent report published at the Daily samakal, 29, its told that the total nine percent of the school building totally destroyed, here students perform their class in the open spare or in the floor. These building which some have been rejected to its proof, some already gone to the river . However recently the government took steps to build some buildings, according the report of the news paper recently about 1500 school building will built.

We saw nine percent schools destroyed but the other is well? Not actually that, the other schools has also problem.

It is easier to think most of the primary school takes their class in two shifts, class one and two from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM, and class three to five 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. From this problem can we think what will happen if pre primary class add with it. According to the new education policy if class six, seven and eight add, what will happen we do not want to tell now?

Teacher problem also a major problem, most of the school have no available teacher, even the school is running without head teacher, and some school run with two or three teachers. Though the government is recruiting teachers every year.

The curriculum of primary school is not appropriate for this stage, As a children they did not get proper book with proper content, and many other problems also existed.



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