Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
Taliban’s warn: Bangladesh should not send troops
অক্টোবর 2, 2010

Bangladesh now is on a dilemma about sending troops to Afghanistan, The plea of US, on the other hand the warning of Taliban. Taliban warned Bangladesh just after the request of US about sending troops. Though yet US not request in a formal way. Richard Holbrooke, US special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, made this request to our foreign minister Dipu Moni, in a short meeting in NewYork at her Hotel suite. For the justification of this request Holbrooke presented some populist speech “Bangladesh troops could help ensure security and stability in the war tron Afghanistan.

We astonished , while the US decided to withdraw all the troops from Afghanistan within 2011, and already witdrawn a part of the military, at that time why they needs Bangladesh’s troops. Taliban Show some reasons about warning, in the SITE website published its on 27 september-

“(We) believe that the leader of Bangladesh has enough Islamic knowledge and political wit not to involve his [Sic] people in the fight against Islam and against the Afghan people by sending a few hundred soldiers to Afghanistan,” they also included in the message- ”Assuming that the leader would commit such a historic mistake, the religious Muslim people of Bangladesh will not allow their leaders to assist the eternal enemy of Islam against an Islamic neighbouring country.”

The argue of Taliban is not totally unreasonable, But about sending any force to any country, Bangladesh have to think the country’s welfare. This news (Taliban’s warn) has come to the media of Bangaldesh on 29 september, seeing the news the eminent politicians, intellectuals and specialists advised not to send the troops. They shown many reasons behind it, the security first of course. Afghanistan is a SAARC country, as its our regional country we should not taking descion sending our military.

From the media we informed that, our foreign minister just assured the US envoy of further talks on the issue. Bangladseh, as a country and it’s leaders, have not strength stand strictly against the stronger, now it is super power, US. But it’s true that while the issue is our existence of living and dying, they can refuse strictly, in the short time we got this example of the last BNP government about sending troops to Iraq.

Taliban’s threaten is not all, Bangladesh have to think it’s reality and sensivity. After the terrorist attack on twin tower of 11 september 2001, US start military attack against Afghanistan in the name of “war against terrorism”. They destroyed Afghanistan and ascend them’s favour president in power. Still one and half lakhs of military staying there.

Bangladesh send to it’s troops to UN peace keeping mission, the contribution of Bangladesh in this mission is remarkable, but yet Bangladesh not send in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a muslim country, as a muslim how our people can fight against muslim, this may a matter of argue (Taliban shown). without this there are stronger argument , As a country character, Afghanistan is our friend, Bangabandhu started this friendship, if we send the troops, it would be opposite of our foreign policy.

By the name of peace and ensuring security, US themselves break the peace and everywhere the establish their powers. In all consideration Bangladesh should not send troops.

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