Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
Trigger happy BSF continues to kill Bangladeshis(13 august,2009FE)
মার্চ 17, 2010

THE Indian Border security Force (BSF) is following a trigger happy policy in border management. That is why BSF does not hesitate to shoot and kill Bangladeshis even at the outset or during a meeting between the directors general of BDR and BSF.

The last meeting between the directors general of BDR and BSF, held in Dhaka last month, was no exception.

It seems the director general of BSF makes pledges only to violate. No wonder indiscriminate shooting to kill Bangladeshis continued as before.

A national English daily reported on August 5 that the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) shot dead two Bangladeshi cattle traders of Telkupi, a bordering village under Shibganj upazila in Bogra on the previous day.

The victims, Motiur Rahman was 25-year old and Subed Ali, 27.

The frequent recurrence of such killings by BSF raises questions on the utility of BDR-BSF meetings at different levels. According to human rights organisation ODHIKAR, BSF shot and killed 848 Bangladeshis and wounded more than 1000 others in 10 years. The BSF personnel also rape many and indulges in other crimes.

It is the duty of BSF to control crime in the border and not to commit crimes. The BDR and the Indian BSF are bound by agreed border guidelines and other agreements which stipulate in clear terms how to tackle criminals and acts of crime along the common border. The accepted guidelines require the two border guards to handover the offenders, and not to kill them, as BSF does every other day. This unacceptable culture should stop.

Trigger-happy, BSF personnel kill the innocent Bangladeshis. No farmer, fisherman or even a child in the border area is safe from the BSF. Strangely enough, BSF never dismantles the illegal factories of deadly drug 'phensedyl', on the Indian side nor the smugglers who smuggle the contraband into Bangladesh.

We do not want to see such killings any more. The government of Bangladesh should seriously take up the matter with India.


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