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Report on education policy(Daily star
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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Report on education policy

Photo: A.M.Ahad / DriknewsMahfuzur Rahman Manik, IER, Dhaka University

The National Education Policy Formulation Committee has submitted the final report on the education policy. The committee Chairman National Professor Kabir Chowdhury and Co-chairman Dr Quazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad submitted the report to the education minister at around 12:00 noon at the secretariat on 2 September.

The committee has suggested extension of free primary education up to class VIII and secondary education up to class XII. The committee submitted the policy within four months from its first meeting. The deadline to submit this report was 3 September.

The Awami League-led alliance government formed a 16-member committee on April 6 to review the report of Shamsul Haque Education Committee of 1997 to formulate a modern national education policy in line with the report of Qudrat-e-Khuda Education Commission of 1974.

We hope the government would implement the policy within the shortest possible time.


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