Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
JMB den busted (published at the daily Financial express,19-03-2009)
মার্চ 17, 2010

IT is not a scene from a drama where husband tells wife: "I am sick and the wife explodes a bomb" It was a real thing. When members of RAB were at the door of Boma Mizan, he uttered this sentence and his wife blew up a bomb, though luck was not with her. She injured herself. Her two children were also injured.

RAB arrested Mizan and blasted his mini munitions factory. He is a member of JMB. With his arrest, it has become clear that JMB is still active in Bangladesh.

After the series bomb explosions on August 7 2005, JMB declared its presence in Bangladesh. Even the hanging of their leaders could not stop their operations. Before this latest incident, the police also unearthed another bombing plot by them on February 21.

JMB militants are a threat to our country. We think they have many other dens. Many other militants are also active in the country. Threats has been issued even against the life of our prime minister.

Though the government declared a "Zero tolerance" towards militants, we think it needs to take further steps. Bangladesh is our homeland. We love it. It has to be kept secure. We want to save our country and its people. All should be united to ensure that.


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