Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
DU ought to spend more on research
মার্চ 17, 2010

Dhaka University is the biggest university in the country. The country suffers from a budget fever in June every year. The national budget, the budgets of the city corporations, university budgets etc., are prepared in this month. Of all the budgets, the national budget is the most important one. However, I, as a student, pay a special attention to the budget of the Dhaka University. In fact, all the citizens of the country should be interested in the budget of the Dhaka University as it is the premier university of the country.

The Dhaka University Senate announced the budget of the university for the fiscal 2009 on 28 June. The total amount of the budget is Tk 1.84 billion. Of this amount, Tk 1.53 billion will be spent on the salary of the employees of the university and only a small amount will be available for research.

This is apparently a lopsided budget. The university should spend more on research.

It is unfortunate that the universities of our country neglect research. We hoped that this year there would be a change and research would get due importance. But this did not happen. The DU budget for the current fiscal year has disappointed us.


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