Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
Digital process needs to be all embracing(31 july 2009,FE)
মার্চ 17, 2010

THE announcement of the results of public examinations has been digitalized. Thus, the result of the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination was published on July 25. The prime minister inaugurated the publication of this result by clicking the laptop. It is the first year when a website ( has started for publication of the result. The result was not 'digital' but the result publication process has been digitalised.

However, the outcome of the HSC examination this year has not been satisfactory. It was a departure from the past. The headlines of all news papers on July 26, was: "HSC pass rate and GPA-5 goes down". The pass rate of HSC examination with ten boards is 72.78 per cent; it was 76.60 per cent last year. The GPA-5 holders total 20,136 this year compared to last year's 22,045 students.

Though the pass rate and number of GPA-5 holders are lower this year than that of the last year, educationists told us that as a whole, the result was welcome. The feelings of those who obtained the highest GPA have been the same as those of the last year. The exception is digitalisation. The education boards sent the results to 300 institutions through E-mail. A newspaper reported, quoting sources in an education board, that, in the first hour following the publication of the result, i.,e., from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, a total of about one million (10.0 lakh) people visited the website of the results.

I visited this website ten times in the first hour. The newspapers also reported that a total of 0.76 million (7.60 lakh) people got the results through SMS, Mobile SMS. We are proud of this. The number of candidates totalled 6,07,872 this year and out of them 4,42,389 students passed the HSC examination. Against this number, a total of 17,60,000 people got the result by using the digital process (internet and mobile).

This makes us optimistic about digital Bangladesh. It proves that the people also want and support digital Bangladesh.

While we dream about 'Digital Bangladesh', we are also pained to see that about 0.1 million (1.0 lakh) students would not be able to get themselves admitted to any institution for higher education. Our GPA-5 holders are, thus, in a state of depression even after obtaining credible success. There is no certainty that they will get chance for higher education.

The media reported that one major the reason of failure of so many candidates to quality for the HSC examination this year was their inability to obtain the qualifying pass marks in English and Science subject. The new system of English education and the unqualified teachers are the problems there.

The another problem facing the students who passed HSC examination is the long process to be involved in their admission to seats of higher education. The publication of the result needs two months and after that, two or three months are wasted in the course of admission to universities and other higher seats of learning. It would only befitting that the admission tests are held and conducted soon after the HSC examination results are published. The digital process should be active everywhere.


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