Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
Congratulations, Shakib Al Hasan(16 October Daily star)
মার্চ 17, 2010

tions, Shakib Al Hasan

Congratulations, Shakib Al Hasan for your achievement. We are proud of you. You are now Wisden magazine's Test Player of the Year for 2009. The Wisden Cricketer is the world's biggest selling cricket magazine, launched in 2003 after the merger between Wisden Cricket Monthly and the Cricketer. This prize is for the Tests played between September 2008 and the end of August 2009. In the eight Tests Shakib played in that period, he took 45 wickets with his left-arm spin, including five five-wicket hauls, and scored 498 runs at an average of 35.57.

It is great going!


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