Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
Children’s creativity, our responsibility
নভেম্বর 25, 2020
Environment is the best school for the children

Children are the wonder of the world. Every child has potential.  Every child is important and creative. Creativity has no limit, we cannot and we should not bind it in a frame. We can nurture children’s creativity, but we cannot define them. It is hard to say, there are ten ways or five ways to make your children creative. But we can show you a way. Writing is a creative work, playing games is not out of creativity. Reading books, listening to stories, art work etc. every work is creative work for children. Even, we get the smell of creativity from the children’s words, when they talk we listen carefully. And there is magic in those words. When we meet a new child, we ask more questions to listen- not only creative answers but also sweet words.

So, how to nurture children’s creativity? There is no shortcut. As children are naturally curious and inquisitive, they need support to develop their creative capacities and reach their full creative potential. Of course the environment is the best school for the children. When you are going outside with your child she/he will ask enormous questions- what it is. Why is its size big or tiny? Why is its colour like this? Your responsibility is to respond to the proper answer. You should not stop a child asking questions. By questioning they are learning and at the same time their brain is opening and it help them in creativity also. So in my opinion, visiting new places, going outside and staying with the natural environment is important for children’s creativity.

Albert Einstein’s this quote is interesting “To stimulate creativity, one must develop the childlike inclination for play.” So, if you want to nurture your children’s creativity you should be creative first. I think, you will learn this creativity from your child. As a guardian, as you are bearing your child and as you are staying with your child- you will understand his/her pulse, demand, passion and trend. Then behave accordingly. Here goes the famous Picasso’s quote, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he/she grows up”. So it is called in many cases that the parents are obstacles in children’s way. This is true for a school too. The famous Ken Robinson TED talk `do schools kill creativity,’ we cannot deny this fact.

In the same way we cannot deny the technology. As a parent or caregiver when we are solely dependent on Mobile phone, laptop or computer and internet, how you hope your child will not touch them? Technology has demerits, it's true. But the decision is yours how you will run them creatively for your child.  A study found that both offline and online play encourages creativity in kids. You should have control here. How will it happen? Think your own way for your kids. You may draw a schedule- fix the time of going outside, reading time, play time, entertainment etc. Our children are our happiness, our pride and of course a partner of our joy and sorrow. So, try to make them responsible, give them some duties, independence. They will make their way!

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  • Published on 4C online Magazine, published on the occasion of its 10th workshop
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