Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
Green Economy: I'm included
ফেব্রুয়ারী 12, 2012

I can remember my childhood, the days were very much enjoyable. Obviously the environment was favorable, very often I was used to going my grandfather's home where a river was flown beside their home. My uncles and I enjoyed our time in the river, like the boys in the picture. I can't express that feelings with my words and I think that was the real happiness of my life. When the river was the source of entertainment. And the rivers were full of water, the people whenever get time had passed their leisure time seeing the beauty of nature on the bank of river.

Only twelve years ago I have passed my childhood and this was the scenario of that time. But the days have been changed, the rivers are not same as that I have seen in my childhood. The pictures below are the exact condition of present rivers of Bangladesh. It has been dying day by day. I can't but regret for my younger brother who is passing his childhood, but he has no opportunity to pass his time with nature. The river had no water, it has been constraint by encroachment of men.

Bangladesh is called the riverine country. There are very much contribution of river in our country . The river is a part of our culture. Our economy dependents on it. It is a part of our history. The writers, specially poets has written poems on it, novelists has created novels on it and also many stories and songs have been created on river; Their focus was the charming scenario of rivers and natural beauty of Bangladesh. And even these descriptions were a devastating river, Which floods its shore and even villages near the river.

But at present we see its opposite picture. Rivers are dying here day by day. Here, writer refers a survey of Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) which shows that- in 2010 among three hundred and ten rivers in Bangladesh fifty-seven are border rivers, the condition of one hundred and seventy five is miserable, and sixty five are almost dead. Eighty percent of the rivers lack proper depth. He also shows the study of Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA), which reveals that one hundred and seventeen rivers are either dead or have lost navigability.

When this is the condition of rivers, it is very easy to guess the position of environment of our country. In this moment it is emergence to save the river for saving our environment. So, to save our rivers we have taken initiatives from our ability. We have established an organization named riverine people.

Riverine people's strength is here we all are the university students, who are young and energetic. Primarily we are doing research activities and we have already conducted a research on dying river named Baral and we have submitted it to the government for taking necessary steps to save it, Moreover we have a group in the Facebook, which has 3343 member and also page named 'riverine news' where we update the regular river related news published at the dailies of home and abroad; I am specially doing this as I am secretary of online affairs of riverine people.

Water of river is important to us, like blood. But this blood has been polluted by our activities. We have encroached it and we are responsible for these dying rivers, whenever I update our page I only see the negative news. I think firstly we need our consciousness. I am doing my work relentlessly to save our river; if it includes me in the green economy, so, I am included.

Photos: Collected from different Newspapers of Bangladesh

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2 comments on “Green Economy: I'm included”

  1. What a crying shame! I visited ‘Maoa Ferry Ghat’ in August 2011 and memories of a trip down the Padma river will stay with me until my dying days. My travel memories aren't exactly the issue though are they. The real issues are community displacement, the disruption of a trade route and the negative affect on biodiversity. There should be some serious considerations of the viable alternatives. I’ve decided to read about the case you mentioned and it's very interesting indeed. I'm sure there are many similar and untold stories of conflict over water resources all over the world.

  2. Thanks Bro, you exactly told about ‘Maoa Ferry Ghat’ of Padma River, but for your kind information I want say in many places are dying, when the padma is dying so, think about the other rivers. Brother the issues which you referred is truly the reasons which impact on our evironment. I think the case which I have mentioned is also can happen with other.

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