Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
SSC results(5 june,2009FE)
মার্চ 17, 2010

A record number of 62.307 students got GPA-5 this year in the SSC exams. The media took part in the celebrations by schools.

In all 70.89 per cent of the examinees came out successful. All the students of 2,726 schools were successful. The administration felt satisfied with the results.

A negative side was the rate of success that declined by 1.29 per cent. Out of 1.3 million students who had appeared in the exams, not a single student of 72 schools could pass.

But many students, with good results, would not be able to get admission to the institutions of their choice. At least 100,000 students will not got admission for higher education at all.

The system of admission is not at all fair. The preference given to students who got GPA, said the education minister, would create a new problem. At least 10,000 students got golden-5. The system of admission would leave many brilliant students out of higher education.

It was bad news that 300,000 students failed. What is the reason for this at a time when the boards are so generous in examining the scripts? It seems there is a competition to produce more and more GPA-5s each year.

How could so many students fail in English, the second language, taught for 11 years? No wonder the newspapers commented that the students of the Dhaka board are weak in English.

It is time for the authorities to pay attention to improving the standard of school education, not only in the cities but also in the rural areas.

The schools need qualified teachers.


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