Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
29 june 2009FE) The ominous Tipaimukh dam
মার্চ 17, 2010

INDIA'S plan to build Tipaimukh Dam on the Barak river would adversely affect lower riparian Bangladesh. Dr. Mozaffar Ahmed said the dam would spell disaster for Bangladesh. It would harm our environment and threaten the livelihood of more that 35 million people in Bangladesh. The Surma, Kushiyara and Meghna flows would be directly affected.

The plan of India to build the high dam on Tipaimukh would not only endanger life and livelihood in Bangladesh but also of the region in India. We have a bitter experience with Farakka. The experts apprehend greater danger from Tipaimukh. Bangladesh has every reason to protest against the Indian design.

The government has taken a decision to send a team of parliamentarians to the dam site. Our appeal is to send not only parliamentarians but also the experts with them. The people have great expectation from this government. This government should not take any decision that goes against the interest of the people and the country. Bangladesh is already facing Aila, Nargis and SIDR due to environmental degradation. The environmental problem would aggravate due to the Tipaimukh Dam. The dam would spell disaster for greater Sylhet, Comilla and Noakhali regions. It would make the waters of the Surma, Kushiyara and Meghna, still and flow loses.


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