Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
Obama's historic speech in Cairo(8june 2009FE)
মার্চ 17, 2010

Barack Obama is a name, an oath, a change and a star. Pledging change, he came to power. Now he is a world leader. From the outset of his presidentship of the USA, the world has been looking forward to him as the light of hope. He is proving himself as the most distinguished leader of his time. His popularity also proves that.

As a world leader, he delivered a speech to the Muslim world at Cairo University in Egypt on June 4. The whole world heard his speech. In his 47 minutes' speech, his style was attractive. He started his speech by SALAM. When he began his speech as such, the whole audience welcomed him by clapping.

To open a new era of America's relationship with the Muslim world, he noted human civilization is indebted to Islam very much. Islam is a part and parcel of America. We have to do work unitedly forgetting all wrong and enmity, the US President said.

Referring to a verse in the Holy Quran, he said, Islam speaks of peace and America, he stressed, also wants to establish this peace.

He referred to Bangladesh for its empowerment of women.

He stated that the real followers of Islam are friends of America but those who are blind, are not. Obama asserted the US goal of establishing peace in the Middle East, specially between Israel and Palestine.

In his long speech, Obama didn't mention the word, terrorist. He mentioned peace many times, on the other hand.

This speech of Obama would be considered a positive change of American attitude towards the Muslim world. Muslims all over the world have, thus, been assured about their rights. We think Obama would make a positive contribution to improving and strengthening the US relationship of the US with the Muslim world.


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