Mahfuzur Rahman Manik
Accident at Dhaka University(3 july 2009 FE)
মার্চ 17, 2010

Anima was taking a morning walk 22 June at 6:45am. Since 30 years it was her daily routine. But on 23 June she was absent. Anima was the wife of Dr. Parimal Saha, Professor of IER, Dhaka University. Every morning Dr. Parimal and Anima used to walk together along the Jagannath Hall Road DU, near the Shahid Minar. On that fateful day she was alone.

While she was walking, suddenly a demon-car came and seized her soul in a pathetic way.

Now, she will never walk. She has passed away.

But some questions are being raised following her death. First, it's about the security system of Dhaka University. Second, the unsafe roads inside Dhaka University area because driving rules are not followed. And finally the stupidity of the drivers.

Dhaka University is the highest seat of learning. But if new people come here, they fail to recognise the campus because it does not have any selected gate or entry point. From all the sides, it is open and any outside vehicle can easily pass through the campus without showing the minimum respect for traffic rules. That is why accidents do happen quite often.

The last accident involving our teacher's wife is not acceptable. After this death, the authority has realized the security problem. So they have taken many steps already. We got to know from the newspapers that there will be two security teams and training cars will not be allowed to enter the campus.

I hope it will be effective. We don't want to see any recurrence of accidents.

And all who drive cars, motor bikes or any others vehicle should be very careful.


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